Nocturne @ Everybody's Spectacular by Rosa Omarsdottir

I just came back from Iceland where I had the pleasure to work with the talented Andy Field and Krista Burane for their work Nocturne, which was shown at Everybody’s Spectacular Festival in Reykjavík.
I enjoyed fantastic two weeks in Reykjavík, working with them and other awesome people, and I also got the opportunity to dip in the swimming pools, hot tubs, cold tubs and saunas in between rehearsals and attended a lot of shows and concerts at both Iceland Airwaves and Everybody’s Spectacular.
What a great two weeks!!


Liepaja residency - Great Amber Concert Hall by Rosa Omarsdottir

Currently I am working with great artists in the Great Amber Concert Hall. 
The building is beautiful as can be seen in the pictures. A orange building where the architecture sounds, lives and breaths, and also sometimes causes a little bit of disorientation and even vertigo. This week will be exciting!

We will end this exploration by opening up the the public on Saturday

Looking forward to see what happens. The first day is already promising. 




Traces in MDT Stockholm by Rosa Omarsdottir

The tour of Traces continues!

We were very happy to present the work at the Pop Arts Festival in sunny Amsterdam. 
And are not looking forward to travel to Stockholm to perform in MDT on the 2nd and 3rd of May!

More info here

In the meantime you can also check out the review from the performance of Traces in Brakke Grond here

see you in Stockholm!


Nordic Festival Fabrique Chaillot by Rosa Omarsdottir

I just came back to Brussels after wonderful two weeks at the Chaillot Theatre National de la Danse in Paris. There in the beautiful theatre with a view over the Eiffel tour I worked together with 4 other nordic female choreographers. 
During our stay we worked together and shared our practices and artistic concerns. 
We had artistic talks with Jefta Van Dinther and Alan Lucien Oyne, and saw all of the performances presented at the festival, as well as having a pitch session organized by l'Onda where we presented our work. 



Monsoon Platform at Stuk by Rosa Omarsdottir


In December I took part in the Monsoon platform at Stuk in Leuven. 
There four European artists met four Indonesian artists for a week of work. We were paired up and I worked with the amazing musician Ikbal Lubys. 

It was such a privilege to meet all of these artists and to work together, share interests and spend time together. 

Ikbal and I had great fun playing with the choreography of sound!
Here are some pictures.